Sunday, October 25, 2015

An Unapologetic Ensorsement for NY Adventure Club

Daytonian in Manhattan does not promote books, venues, organizations or programs.  Readers expect simply to read about the social history of Manhattan buildings, statues and monuments.  And that’s just how I like it.

But today I will make an exception.  While I have always lamented that New Yorkers rush about without ever really seeing the city around them; Corey Schneider felt that it was shameful that so many people who live in the most exciting city in the country do not really delve into it and participate in what it has to offer.

So he founded, single-handedly, the New York Adventure Club whose tag-line is “Unlock your city!”  Carey manages to get members into hard-to-reach, behind-the-scenes places with special tours and hands-on experiences.  I was speaking to him recently and he asked if I wouldn’t mind telling my readers about the November events the club has planned.

And I don’t mind.  These are just the types of venues the readers of Daytonian in Manhattan would find fascinating.

National Arts Club – November 7:  An exclusive tour of the former Samuel Tilden mansion, including the famous stained glass domed library and several floors of the house, led by the National Arts Club’s historian.

Harkness House – November 21:  A guided tour through rooms of the Edward S. and Mary S. Harkness mansion on Fifth Avenue.  The rooms have been astonishingly preserved.

There is also an upcoming tour of the Salmagundi Club, the last surviving, intact mansion on Lower Fifth Avenue.

For information regarding these events, check out the New York Adventure Club’s website.  For the background histories, check my earlier posts on these houses.

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  1. When I see things like this, I wish my family would have never left Brooklyn for Florida!