Sunday, July 14, 2013

Preparing for the Meet-n-Greet

I was surprised and honored when the downtown haberdashery The Standing Room by Heights+Kenchi suggested a meet-and-greet event in their shop.   A couple weeks ago I received a copy of its very cool invitation:

Then, last week, The Standing Room asked me to come back down.   Heights+Kenchi's self-designed menswear takes its inspiration from the stylish Gatsby Era and the designers gave me an apparel make-over resulting in this fabulous and slightly humorous shot:

I was certainly glad my shoes were clean (and had no holes).  I have to thank the guys who design the clothing and operate the high-end menswear shop for this generous effort.   Anyone who happens to be around on Friday the 19th is certainly welcomed to stop by and say hello.


  1. Very cool. Congrats on the clean shoes, and that snazzy bow tie, too! I'm a big fan of your blog - you have real writing talent BTW. It looks like fun. I only wish I lived a little closer to the city.

    1. Thanks so much. Really appreciate your comments!

    2. Me too - wishing I was closer to NYC!