Sunday, April 5, 2020

While We're All Locked Down ...

After 10 years of posting a new article every day (except Sunday, of course), the new reality in which we are living poses a challenge.  The Shelter-In-Place mandate prohibits me from getting out there and getting photographs for the new posts--as a matter of fact you probably have noticed lately the quality of the photos has not always been great.  That's because I have been forced to use quickly snapped phone photos that were taken for reference and not for final use.

I think that my readers would be as disappointed as I would be if I had to go on a hiatus until this horrible situation has passed.  For one thing, I like to think that the posts provide at least a few minutes of distraction every day.

And so for a while Daytonian In Manhattan will be brushing up some of the older posts and putting them out there again.  After more than 3,000 posts you might find it interesting to re-visit some of the locations.  I promise to add additional information rather than to regurgitate an old post, as well!  I will mix as many new posts as possible (I still have a precious few in my stash!)

Hopefully everyone is remaining safe and healthy and we'll all be back to normal lives before very soon.


P.S. -- The Monday "Lost" posts should go on as usual, since they do not require new shots.


  1. You are most thoughtful to consider how much your posts, new or old, mean to your readers. Thank you for carrying on. Please be safe and well.

  2. Tom, you keep yourself safe and healthy and we will look forward to catching up on posts from the past. Can't tell you how much I enjoy your work -- and am astonished at how you cram such rich detail into daily posts. As an ex-New Yorker, thanks!

  3. Tom, I hope you are well and we are looking forward to seeing your posts.
    In the meantime, check out the 1981 video of Mick Jaggar singing "Waiting on a Friend," which starts at 96 St Marks Place and finishes at the old International Bar on the southeast corner of 1st Ave. and St. Marks.

  4. This blog is a daily must read and I look forward to catching up on the many I am sure I haven't seen from years back. Stay well and healthy and your incredible posts about NY history, culture and architecture are a little dose of normalcy and hope in these difficult times. NYarch

  5. Thank you for doing what you are doing. Your posts are bright spots on otherwise dreary days. Stay safe and healthy and God bless you.

  6. Thank you Tom! Stay healthy! I like going through your blog and finding information about places I walked past and became curious about. You have done an astounding amount of work, I must say. All my best to you, Bill

  7. Take care sir, and be healthy. Thank you for this wonderful site!